Patented Design

 Patented Design: 0313452.5

Protected by UK Patent law.

ParcelPod is designed to provide the home shopper with a secure & simple to use product that will receive parcels & mail in a patented, immensely strong enclosure, eliminating the need to wait in for deliveries.
A patented lockbar system has been designed and incorporated, it provides an inherent self locking feature that increases the locking action should there be an attempt at forcing the lid open. The lockbar also eliminates all forces from the 7 lever safelock.
The gas stay assisted single top opening design is simplicity itself to use & provides a small operational footprint, it also dispenses with any other security reducing openings or doors.
A novel variable geometry parcel transfer chute is incorporated that enables larger parcels to be deposited.
The enclosure is all steel & is of anti-vandal design, with all areas minimised for forced entry, ParcelPod is also epoxy powder coated to provide a long lasting weatherproof finish.